About DHRI

Through seminar-style discussions with leading scholars in digital humanities, hands-on workshops on core technical competencies, and project development labs, participants will become familiar with working from the command line, collaborating with git, programming with Python, querying structured data, creating maps, and analyzing texts computationally. You will also become part of a growing network of institute leaders by developing your own DHRI based on our open, core curriculum to be led at your home institution or organization.

In June 2018, GC Digital Initiatives hosted sixteen faculty, librarians, museum administrators, and staff at The Graduate Center, CUNY, for a ten-day, in-person institute. Funded through an NEH Institutes in Advanced Topics in Digital Humanities award, the Digital Humanities Research Institute (DHRI) provided professional development training that combined a pedagogical approach and core set of curricular materials. Participants organized local versions of DHRI using our core curriculum or creating their own lessons, reflecting their communities' interests and needs. Applicants to the program were asked to provide letters of support from their home institution committing to the local event, and GC Digital Initiatives committed to providing 20 hours of individual support to participants throughout the academic year.

In 2020–21, we are repeating the DHRI with a new set of fifteen faculty, librarians, museum administrators, and staff.

DHRI Principles